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450 Full Express

450 Full Express by EverLoc® Retaining Walls from AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living

Transform your outdoor space with the 450 Full Express by EverLoc®. Whether it’s for a parapet, a patio, or a private fence, this system offers it all.

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450 Full Express Components

450 Full Fence

Dimensions: 4” H x 9” D x 18” L
Setback: 3/8″
Block/Cube: 80
Face Area: 0.5 ft²
The 450 Full Fence is a 9” deep, half-high unit with the same front face and locking features as the 450 Full wall unit. It is used in both the 450 Full and 450 Traditional/Full Express systems.

425 Half

Dimensions: 4” H x 12” D x 9” L
Setback: 3/8″
Block/Cube: 128
Face Area: 0.25 ft²
The 425 Half is a key component in the Aztec™ system. It is, also, great when used by itself for small retaining walls such as garden walls. As an accessory, it can be used as a half block or to advance bond in a radius for any of the 450 styles.

HHCorner (L/R) with 417 Utility

Dimensions: 4” H x 9” D x 12” L
Setback: 3/8″
Block/Cube: 90
Face Area: 0.6 ft²
EverLoc® Corners have an integral locking mechanism assuring ninety degree alignment and proper setback. Corners are equipped with radius edges giving them a finished appearance. These features are especially helpful when building steps! A utility piece is used beside each corner to maintain proper bond.

WeatherDome™ Express Cap

Dimensions: 3 3/3″ H x 16 1/3″ D x 9″ L
Setback: N/A
Block/Cube: 48
Face Area: 0.19 ft² x 2
The Fence Cap is the most recognizable of the Express components. The cap provides a majestic, bold look for the Express with its arched top and smooth sides. The cap, also, provides another function by connecting the front and back sections of the Express.

WeatherDome™ Column Cap

Dimensions: 4 5/8″ H x 23″ D x 7 1/2″ L
Setback: N/A
Block/Cube: 32
Face Area: 0.16 ft² x 2
The Column Cap is a nice addition to the Express system giving columns that finished look. Three pieces are required to cap a standard EverLoc® Column. Having the same basic features as the fence cap, with its arched top and smooth faces, the Column Cap adds the finishing touch!
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