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In the evolving world of outdoor design, AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living is proud to present Enviro-Flo™. More than just a permeable paver, it’s a testament to our commitment to harmonizing aesthetic appeal with environmental consciousness. Whether you’re walking or driving over it, Enviro-Flo™ ensures a seamless experience while adhering to stormwater management standards.

Why Choose Enviro-Flo™ from AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living?

  • Eco-Conscious Design: Meets and even surpasses the current stormwater management criteria.
  • Pedestrian Friendly: Crafted with pedestrians in mind, offering a visually appealing and safe walking surface.
  • Durability: Its sturdy herringbone pattern makes it ideal for vehicular use, ensuring longevity.
  • Unique Origin: Exclusively manufactured for our valued clients in the Richmond, VA location.

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Height 3.125 | Length 9 | Width 6
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