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Harington® Freestanding

Harington® Freestanding

Harington® Freestanding, manufactured by Keystone Hardscapes and distributed by AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living, is the pinnacle of refined outdoor design. A part of the distinguished Harington series, the Freestanding blocks are crafted to effortlessly merge with Harington retaining walls. Its solid trapezoidal build, combined with a range of sizes and modulating corner/column options, makes it a sought-after choice among professionals and property owners.


  • Distinct Appearance: The straight split face of each block brings out the rich color within, making it a visual treat.
  • Adhesive Installation: Designed for fixing with advanced polymer construction adhesive for enhanced stability.
  • Versatile Design: Split on opposite faces for superior design flexibility and ease of use.
  • Seamless Integration: Ideally crafted to complement Harington Freestanding wall blocks.
  • Resilient Build: Created from high-quality concrete imbued with iron oxide pigments, ensuring resistance to UV-induced fading. Aligns with the standards of ASTM C1372.

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Harington® Freestanding

Trap Cap

Harington® Freestanding


Harington® Freestanding


Harington® Freestanding

Rec Cap

Harington® Freestanding


Harington® Freestanding

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