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Valera® Pro

Valera® Pro, another exquisite offering by Keystone Hardscapes and available exclusively through AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living, combines meticulous design with near-vertical and pinless SRW features. This series is renowned for its diverse range of block heights, depths, and face styles. With decades of manufacturing experience, along with a sterling reputation for field performance, it’s no surprise that Valera Pro has gained immense trust and preference among specifiers, installers, and homeowners.


  • Artistic Brilliance: The Deco split’s striated returns are a visual masterpiece. They effortlessly reveal fractured rock patterns and accentuate the deep veining and vibrant contrast of blended colors, all while avoiding any imperfections like bulges, craters, or gaps.
  • Optimal Land Utilization: Valera Pro’s low batter feature ensures that you get the most out of your available site area.
  • Resilience Redefined: Made of sturdy concrete embedded with iron oxide pigments, Valera Pro ensures enduring color richness even under prolonged UV exposure. Its durability not just meets, but often surpasses the stringent ASTM C1372 standards.
  • Precision-Crafted: The built-in integral lug guarantees not only precise alignment but also the perfect setback. This design ingenuity also helps in significantly reducing both material and labor costs linked with connectors.

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Valera® Pro


Valera® Pro


Valera® Pro

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