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Brighton™ Series

The Brighton™ Series captures the elegance of an outdoor stone fireplace but with a budget-friendly twist. Drawing inspiration from the Bristol™ Series, Brighton offers the allure of tumbled stone, subtly accented and set in a more compact design. Perfectly tailored for smaller spaces, it incorporates the same 36″ firebox, complete with a built-in hearth, and optional wood boxes for added charm. Whether you desire the warmth of wood-burning or the ease of gas, AR Stoneworks in Clarksville, TN ensures Brighton fits seamlessly into your outdoor vision. For more details, call us at 931.218.2828.

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Swift Setup for Your Outdoor Stone Sanctuary

The Brighton™ Series brings a swift transformation to your outdoors. Shipped in segments for quick assembly, you can achieve that custom fireplace vibe in just hours. Imagine winding down your day, feet up, enjoying a glass of wine by your stunning outdoor fireplace.

Seamless Aesthetic Extension with Brighton™

Harness the power of design consistency with the Brighton™ Series, crafted with Weston Stone® wall pavers. Its tumbled stone appearance can gracefully extend to landscape walls, planters, seat walls, and more, ensuring a harmonized outdoor ambiance.

Built to Last: Brighton™ Outdoor Fireplace

Durability meets aesthetics with the Brighton™ Series. Built with resilient tumbled block wall pavers, it’s an investment that promises longevity, standing strong and beautiful throughout your home’s lifespan.



3’4” D x 4’4” W x 8’4” H

Wood Boxes

2’4” D x 2’8” W x 2’11” H
Sold as a pair
This is where you nudge your better half and show them what you want!

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