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Bristol™ Series

Unveil the enchantment of rustic elegance with the Bristol™ Series. Its textured and tumbled block is further accentuated by Arbel® and Urbana® paver highlights, crafting a masterpiece that elevates any outdoor kitchen or living room ambiance. Bristol effortlessly melds with diverse landscapes, turning ordinary spaces into breathtaking outdoor havens. AR Stoneworks in Clarksville, TN offers even more custom kitchen components upon special request, tailoring every space to individual dreams. For details on retrofitting and other inquiries, reach out at 931.218.2828.

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The Bristol™ Series masterfully crafts focal points in your outdoor space. Its rustic fireplace, complemented by optional wood boxes and a hearth, transforms patios into mesmerizing outdoor sanctuaries. Paired with a coordinating grill island and brick pizza oven, your outdoor kitchen becomes a culinary and entertainment haven.


Crafted with Weston Stone® retaining walls and enhanced by Arbel® and Urbana® paver accents, the Bristol™ Series promises a harmonious design flow. Extend this aesthetic throughout your outdoor domains for a cohesive and captivating experience.


The Bristol™ Series stands the test of time. Its robust tumbled block wall pavers, designed for both kitchens and fireplaces, guarantee longevity, assuring your outdoor areas remain agelessly enchanting.



3’D x 5’W x 9’6”H

Grill Island

3’D x 6’4”W x 4’4”H


2’D x 5’W x 11”H

Wood Boxes

2’4”D x 3’W x 3’3”H per box
(Sold as a pair)
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