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Sleek Paver by Techo-Bloc from AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living

Elevate your exterior spaces with the Techo-Bloc ‘Sleek’ paver, a shining example of modern paving excellence. As a prominent member of the High-Definition collection, ‘Sleek’ exhibits a supremely tight surface texture that makes pores almost invisible to the eye. This paver’s hyper-smooth finish and large format are designed to minimize joint lines, thus providing a seamless and expansive paving surface. The dimensions of each ‘Sleek’ slab are meticulously crafted to offer not only a visually striking foundation but also one that can effortlessly endure the rigors of vehicle traffic and the harshness of de-icing salts. At a solid 90mm thickness, the ‘Sleek’ paver doesn’t just promise durability; it delivers a robust platform for your most ambitious outdoor projects.

Click on a color to see which sizes are available, as not all sizes come in every color.

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Sizes Included
3 9/16 x 15 7/8 x 31 15/16

Sleek Layout Possibilities

Linear laying pattern 01 for Sleek pavers
Linear laying pattern 02 for Sleek pavers
Linear laying pattern 03 for Sleek pavers
Herringbone laying pattern 04 for Sleek pavers
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