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Paradise Bay

Shape / Stlye

Disclaimer: The image shown is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict the actual Paradise Bay Please refer to specific product descriptions and specifications for accurate details of each pool.


16′ x 38′


3’7″ – 6′



Square Feet:

Paradise Bay Fiberglass Pool in a luxurious garden setting at AR Stoneworks, Clarksville TN

Paradise Bay

Discover the ultimate in lagoon-style luxury with the Paradise Bay Fiberglass Pool, a proud offering from Custom Fiberglass Pools, expertly sold and installed by AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living in Clarksville, TN. This pool is the epitome of elegance and functionality, blending the unique charm of gentle curves with the spaciousness of a rectangle design.

The Paradise Bay pool stands out as the largest in the Custom Fiberglass Pools Lagoon series. It is perfect for those who desire a grand swimming area that effortlessly combines family fun with sophisticated design.

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Key Features:

  • Full Convenience Ledge: A thoughtful feature for comfort and ease.
  • Elegant Shallow Water Steps: Four sweeping steps for a graceful entrance and exit.
  • Dual Purpose Benches: Deep water bench for relaxation and a shallow water family play bench for fun.
  • Expansive Swimming Corridor: Ideal for swimming, playing, or floating in the sun.
  • Versatile for Pool Accents: Perfectly suited for enhancements like slides, waterfalls, or integrating with a botanical garden.
  • Generous Size: The pool measures 16′ x 38′, offering a 3′ 7″ shallow end and a 6′ deep end, covering 555 square feet.
  • Large Water Capacity: Accommodates 14,400 gallons, making it a focal point for gatherings.
  • Robust Warranty: Backed by a full 50-year warranty from Custom Fiberglass Pools, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

The Paradise Bay Fiberglass Pool by Custom Fiberglass Pools, available through AR Stoneworks & Outdoor Living, is more than just a swimming area—it’s a statement of luxurious outdoor living, perfect for transforming your backyard into a spectacular retreat.

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